Do I have to be in a killer shape if I want to join the Get Rainbow Night run?

No way! You really don’t have to! There are plenty of runs, where you can show off the shape you are in! On the contrary, Get Rainbow Night is a crazy day on a 5 k track. Take your family and friends and choose your way to get through the track. Should it be running, walking, climbing or jumping on one leg, that’s totally up to you!

Should I join the run as an individual runner or a team member?

That is up to you! The team has to have at least 4 members to receive a starting fee discount. The team has to come up with a name and of course can make each other as colorful as possible. The run is not a relay, you may finish the run all together or everybody on their own.

What is included in a starting package?

A t-shirt, a wristband, 2 pouches with color powder, tattoo sticker Get Rainbow Night, a bib number, refreshments on the course and other little surprises from our partners. Each registered participant will receive a MEDAL at the finish. 

Can I run with a stroller and children?

Of course you can. All kids below 6 years can run with an adult for free and don’t even have to register!

Can I bring a dog?

Have you ever seen a dog colored from head to paw? As we are unsure, if the dogs like it or not, please leave them at home for the day. The same holds for cats, ferrets, hamsters, snakes, fish and other pets.

Can my 100 years old grandma come?

Of course, she can! There is no age limit to this race, just remember to register everybody over 6 years of age.

Is there a time limit to finish the run?

No limits! The race is not about being fast or slow. Cool, eh? Get Rainbow Night is not a time trial, a sprint or a relay. Our runners choose their own pace, so they can enjoy the race at best.

Can I get the registration fee back?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the registration fee back. However, you can come get your starting package. There is one more thing you can do – give your registration to someone else, though you have to announce this to us 7 days before the race.

Can I bring my camera with me?

Of course you can! You will get the best-colored selfie of all time! Nonetheless, we recommend sealing your cameras and mobile phones in waterproof cases, as the surroundings of the color zones on the track will turn into colored rain.

What happens if it rains?

Few raindrops can’t spoil the fun during the Get Rainbow Night race. On the contrary, humidity adds more depth to the colors. If there was to be an unexpected thunderstorm, follow our website and check your email boxes for further instructions from us.

Can the spectators join the accompanying program?

Of course! They may purchase packs of colors for themselves and catch up with the colors after. Nobody can escape the Get Rainbowed Night! Especially when is dark out!

Can I wear a costume?

WOW! We love costumes. The whiter, the better!


The colors are hygienically safe, tested and made out of food coloring. Nonetheless, it is better to avoid direct contact with eyes and not to fully inhale large amounts of the powdered colors. In case you are sensitive, we recommend wearing sunglasses and a scarf or a dust mask for the race.

Will the colors spoil my clothes?

Most of the colors will fall off the clothes shortly after the event. The earlier you wash your clothes, the better the colors come off (just like any other dirt). Nevertheless, we recommend you to put on things that you won’t mind getting colored.

I still don’t get the color thing…

The track will be lined up with smiling beasts, whose only intention will be to splash you and your fellow runners with a colorful shower. As they throw the powdered color dust up in the air, you will feel like running in the rainbow.

Can I buy some more colors?

If you feel like you don’t have enough on, you can buy more pouches with colors in the finish.

Will you wash us after the run?

Nope, the colors come off simply due to wind. While you probably won’t be 100 spotless after the race, you will look ok for the trip home.


How do I collect the starting package?

We will start handing out the starting packages on the day before the race. Details will be advertised 7 days prior to the race on our website. All registered participants will receive an email with the details 10 days prior to the race.

All you need to collect the starting package is the confirmation of the entry fee payment. You can also collect starting packages for your friends and family members, if you bring their confirmations.

I have one more divide question on me, who do I go to?

If we haven’t answered your question yet, please send it to our email address: info@barvamneuteces.cz and we will reply shortly. If the question was seriously divine, we would post it on the official Get Rainbow Night fan page.